Aerobic exercise that you can do indoors in Nigeria! Let’s move and diet at home

Aerobic exercise that you can do indoors in Nigeria! Let’s move and diet at home

3 Tips for Continuing Aerobic Exercise

Before looking at the specific menu of aerobic exercise that you can do indoors, let’s first introduce three tips for continuing aerobic exercise.

It’s no exaggeration to say that exercising is “continuation is everything”, so make sure you understand the tips to continue before you start working on it.

Tips (1)

Do a “no sound” menu that you can do at home

There are a lot of people who say, “I was jogging, but if the rainy days continue, I quit after that.” “It’s a hassle to go to the gym.”

Even if you start exercising, it’s no wonder that you can’t continue due to rain. Therefore, it is recommended that you start with aerobic exercise that you can do at home.

There is aerobic exercise that you can do even in an environment where it is difficult to make noise, such as an apartment or apartment, so let’s aim for habituation at home that you can do at any time.

Tip ②

Don’t blame yourself even if you take a rest

A common pattern for people who can’t continue aerobic exercise is to blame themselves too much once they’ve taken a break.

Everybody has a day when they can’t do aerobic exercise because they are busy with work or have a drinking party. Also, if you take a rest for a day or two, your body will not change.

It doesn’t matter if you have a day off, so don’t worry too much about your day off and continue comfortably.

Tip ③

Find a companion to work with

The strongest way to get into the habit of aerobic exercise is to find a companion. If you have friends to work with, it will be difficult for you to quit and become a habit.

If you live with your family, invite your family, and if you live alone, try to exercise online with your friends.

If you can’t find a companion to work with, find a friend to report what you’re doing. By reporting to your friends every day, the continuation rate will increase dramatically.

Now that you’ve confirmed the tips for continuing aerobic exercise, here are 10 types of indoor aerobic exercise with videos.

① Walking

First of all, step on the spot. Shake your arms firmly and raise your knees to walk. Let’s move the whole body exaggeratedly.

② Bat kick

Walk with your heels on your hips. If your thigh muscles are stiff, your hips won’t stick, but it’s okay if you do as much as you can. Warm your whole body with walking and bat kicks.

③ Uppercut

Swing your arms up from bottom to top, like a boxing upper. At that time, use your lower body to link your knees to the movement of your arms.

④ Squat jab

Bend your knees slightly and place your hands next to your hips. Put your fists forward alternately on the left and right as if you were punching in front of you. Instead of moving only the arm, let’s do it with the image of moving from the shoulder blade.

⑤ Burpee that does not fly

It is a non-flying burpee that is arranged so that you can do it indoors, which can be said to be a representative of whole body exercise. Stretch your back with the momentum of jumping straight up on the spot, and then stretch your legs on the floor with both hands. Next, pull both feet to your hand, stretch your back with the momentum to fly, and repeat this operation.

⑥ Standing Abs

Hold your hands on your head and curl up so that your right elbow and left knee are together. Repeat on the other side with good rhythm as well. Let’s do it while looking at the navel.

⑦ Side knee raise

Hold your hands over your head and pull your knees outward so that your right elbow and right knee are in contact with each other. Repeat on the other side with good rhythm as well. Feel the muscles in your flanks contracting.

⑧ Squat reach

It is an aerobic exercise that adds the movement of the upper body to the normal squat. Keep your hands on the floor when you bend your knees and crouch, and raise your hands above your head as you extend your knees. Let’s do it with good rhythm by linking the movements of the hands and knees.

⑨ Aerial bicycle

Lie on your back and use your elbows to raise your upper body slightly. While looking at the navel, turn both feet around like riding a bicycle. It’s an event where you can intensively train your abdominal muscles. If your lower back bends, it may cause back pain, so be sure to look at your navel and curl up your stomach.

⑩ Swipe

Put both hands and feet on your back and twist your body while leaving your right and left feet. Do the same for the other side. The last is a difficult swipe. Please work on it as a challenge event.


We introduced the aerobic exercise menu that you can do indoors with a video.

The content does not make a banging sound, so please try it in a small space at home.

It is most important to continue exercising, so please continue steadily not only for one day but every day.


Also, if you want to know more than the training menu introduced this time, you can see it on the official website “unfit” operated by Keisuke Hayashi, so please take a look.

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