I want to visit once in my lifetime! 16 Wonderful Views of Africa

I want to visit once in my lifetime! 16 Wonderful Views of Africa

Among them, Africa has many attractive places such as deserts, natural parks and other wilderness, old townscapes and historic buildings.

In this article, I would like to introduce 30 spectacular views of the African continent that you will want to visit at least once. Please stay with us until the end!

1.Marrakech Old Town (Morocco)

Marrakech is one of Morocco’s most spectacular views. The old residential area, which is also registered as a World Heritage Site, the market and the palace are the highlights, and the buildings that make the sunset in this photo shine are wonderful. 

2. Namib Desert (Namibia)

The ” Namib Desert ” in Namibia, which is said to be the oldest desert in the world. The wind creates a wave-like pattern, creating a beautiful world like the sea, which is a magnificent view.

3. Dead Frey (Namibia)

 In the Namib Desert introduced earlier, there is a magnificent view called ” Dead Frey “. It is a swamp that dried up about 1000 years ago, with cracked ground and dead black trees spreading all over, with a harsh environment of over 40 degrees Celsius in midsummer daytime and below freezing in winter nights.

4. Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

” Victoria Falls ” on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. With a height of over 100m and a width of over 1.7km, it is the largest in the world, and 500 million liters of water fall per minute. There may be many people who want to go.

5. Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda)

The Great Rift Valley in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. There are many crater lakes formed by volcanic eruptions here. There seems to be an active volcanic crater lake inside.

6. Pyramid of Khafre (Egypt)

“Pyramid of Khafre ” which is one of the three major pyramids. It is right next to the largest pyramid of King Kufu. The white top is said to have been coated with cosmetic stone. After being stolen by bandits and used for road paving work, it was in the current state.

7. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

Speaking of the highest peak on the African continent, the mountain “Kilimanjaro” in the northeastern part of Tanzania. The mountain climbing route is well maintained, and it is also known as a mountain that is easy to climb among the highest peaks on the continent. If you like the magnificent view, it may be a good place to travel.

8. Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)

” Serengeti National Park ” in Tanzania, where millions of wildebeests make a life-threatening move every year in search of food. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. Isn’t it a perfect scenic spot for those who like nature?

9. Masai Mara (Kenya)

The Masai Mara National Reserve is located along the border with Tanzania in southwestern Kenya. World-famous as a treasure trove of wildlife, it covers 320 square kilometers of grasslands.

10. Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano (Tanzania)

The Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano in Tanzania is also known as a scenic mountain spot. The volcano, which means “mountain of God” in Maasai, is active at an altitude of 2900m.

11. Triara (Madagascar)

Madagascar’s “Turiara” fisherman’s town is famous for its many fishing masters, and when you go to the market, you can find fresh seafood. The turquoise sea surrounded by beautiful coral reefs is also a wonderful point.

12. Mount Bonnet de Pap (Madagascar)

Ayers Rock in Australia is also famous, but Madagascar’s Ayers Rock “Bone de Pap Mountain” is not defeated as a scenic spot. I would like to visit this sacred spot.

13. Namaqualand (South Africa)

Running about 300 kilometers north of Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, you will see a land called Namaqualand, where wild flowers are in full bloom. Most of the year is a dry semi-desert, but the flowers on one side, which can be called a miracle of spring in the wilderness, are breathtaking.

14. Baobab Highway (Madagascar)

” Baobab tree ” that appears in the fairy tale “Prince of the Stars “. There are nine types of baobabs in the world with unique shapes, and eight of them exist in Madagascar. In the field, pulp is a valuable food, resin is used as oil, and juice extracted from young leaves is also used as a beverage.

15. Sidi Bou Said (Tunisia)

Sidi Bou Said, a tourist destination in Tunisia with its white walls and blue windows and fences called Tunisian Blue, faces the Mediterranean Sea and is also a popular resort destination. Would you like to walk around this townscape where the contrast between white and blue shines?

16. Obudu Cattle Ranch (Nigeria)

One of Africa’s most scenic and interesting tourist attractions is the Obudu Mountain Resort, also known as the Obudu Cattle Ranch. The highlands and deep tropical forests of Cross River State, with a temperate climate, are home to Obudu Mountain Resort, which is 45 miles from the Cameroonian border. Learn more about Obudu Cattle Ranch here: http://www.obudumountainresort.com/

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