How to sell on JaBazaar?

1. Register

Register using your e-mail and phone number (or do it via Facebook, Instagram or Google). Please enter a correct phone number, so your clients could reach you!

2. Upload photos of your item.

You are encouraged to post great photos of your items, so you can attract a lot of interest. You can use your mobile phone camera to make great photos.

3. Press Post your ad (top right header) or SELL (bottom right) tab.

Choose a category, upload your photos, and enter a full description of your item. Enter a fair price, select attributes and post your advert!

4. Answer the messages and calls from your clients!

If everything is ok with your advert, it’ll be on Jiji in a couple of hours after sending to moderation. We’ll send you a letter and notification when your advert goes live. Check your messages and be ready to earn money!

5. Make your item appear at the top (Optional).

Register for one of our premium services and your item will appear at the top of our page. This will attract more customers and your item will sell 15x faster. Sounds good right?


How to buy on JaBazaar?

1. Search for the item of interest.

Use the search panel and location to identify the item you want.

2. Contact a seller.

You may use the send message on Jabazaar or contact the seller’s phone number. Feel free to seek more details about the item and negotiate the price.

3. Take your item or order a delivery.

Meet the seller in a safe and public place and pay only after collecting your item.

4. Leave your feedback about the seller.

Did the purchase go well or not? Tell us by writing your feedback. This will be published online on the seller’s page and may be helpful for other buyers.

Safety Tips :

  1. Always meet at safe and public locations.
  2. Inspect the item before purchasing.
  3. Trust your guts! Never send an advance partial or full payment, or use a debit card to pay someone you do not know before collecting your item.
  4. If they ask you to send payment before seeing items, then they are likely scammers! Report them to us [] and leave a negative comment on their Ads page. This will help to inform other users. We will block them and delete their ads once you report them to us [].

JaBazaar provides premium services for those that want to sell faster to earn more is safe.