Moving Houses in Nigeria: Eight Important Tips to Remember

Moving Houses in Nigeria: Eight Important Tips to Remember

Moving houses in Nigeria can be a challenging task. You have to relocate from your familiar surroundings and environment. Also, you have to get accustomed to a new environment. Your whole lifestyle and way of life must be updated to reflect the current environment. There is much to consider than just moving into a new home.
As mentioned earlier moving to an unfamiliar environment and location can be challenging. You have to adjust everything around you to the new system. However, if you find the right place, moving houses can be less complicated in Nigeria. Moving to a new home could equally be an opportunity to gain a new experience and explore new things to your life. There are specific things to be considered before you take a step to the moving. We are going to share important considerations before you move your house to another place.

1. When moving houses, take a look at your cost

The cost for annex and apartments varies from one state to another state. Cost may also be influenced by the renting source. For example, it might be cheaper to rent a property directly from the Landlord than renting from a Letting agent. This is due to the fact that Letting agents usually add an additional cost to make a profit from letting out a property. However, it could work in your advantage if letting from a registered Letting agent as you will be having a formal tenancy agreement with the Letting Agency instead of an individual. In general, it is recommended that you rent a property that aligns with your income or budget to avoid issues that may arise due to non-payment of rent. So before acting on moving houses, consider the cost you can bear and take that aligns with your budget.

2. Check whether there are direct essential items with it.

There basic necessities that must be present in homes to allow us live a good quality of life. Water, is an essential component of life that should be considered a top priority when sourcing for new homes. Ensure there are installed water facilities in the building. Also, find out if the building is connected to electricity and how the tenants pay their bills. If possible, request for private meter to avoid issues that may arise from sharing electricity bills with unfamiliar neighbors. Importantly, go for a location that is closest to the city. This will save you a lot of cost and time when commuting to work and other places. It may also be advantageous in cases of emergency.

3. Consider moving houses, not in a lonely place.

It is advisable to go for a new home that is close to at least one neighbor. Lonely places are the right places attract a lot of crime, especially when it is obvious there are no neighbors around that can help to raise an alarm. So, it is advisable to find a house in a busy area rather than a thoroughly secluded place.

4. Check on the area of your settlement.

Some areas may be notorious for high crime rates in many Nigerian states, and usually, these are the places that you should never consider as a choice to settle down. You are moving houses so as not to be in a troubled situation, but to live a quality life. Make sure to have some checks on the environment before you decide settle in the new environment.

5. Check if there is electricity.

Electricity is a top priority. All the items in our day to day life is working from electricity, and without it, you will not manage to continue your lifestyle as usual. You don’t want to settle in a place where there is no source of electricity unless you have plans to buy an alternative source of power, like a generator or solar panel. Make sure to check the electricity availability in your new settling home, and if electric power is not stable consider buying an alternative source of electric power.

6. Availability of job offers

Moving to a new home comes with meeting new people, and new challenges, including financial challenges. It is advisable to have some savings before moving to a new area in Nigeria. If possible, securing a job before moving to such areas is advised. There are many ways of searching for advertised jobs in Nigeria, including jobs advertised online in JaBazaar.

7. The distance of your workplace to home

As you are in a new home and environment, you may be operating on a tight budget. So, there might be no room for unnecessary money spending. One major source of money spending in Nigeria is via public transportation or petrol- if using a personal car. It is advisable to move to homes that are within a short distance to your workplace. It will prevent additional costs of traveling to work, and allow you to use these savings to tap into other areas that may help you maintain a quality lifestyle.

8. Size of your new apartment

If you move all along with your family, you will need a bigger apartment to fit your needs. But if you are a single mover, then a small apartment with two single rooms will be enough for you. So, always make sure to consider the size of your new house before making a move.


Everyone’s needs are different. Our life doesn’t always flow with the same flow. It has to be challenged and changed continuously. Sometimes you have to decide on moving houses as well. This task is not as easy as you think, and there are so many things to consider before making a move. Consider these things in your mind before a step in any moving, and those will surely benefit you in advance. Visit JaBazaar to find houses for sale or post yours for free 😊

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