A dream safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa! The best independent study for parents and children

A dream safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa! The best independent study for parents and children

Experience a safari in South Africa during the summer vacation! The best independent study

Observe wild animals with parents and children and make only one animal pictorial book in the world. The place where you can fulfill your dream of free research is South Africa, the southernmost country on the African continent!

A lion hunting and a herd of elephants taking a walk in the morning … A real safari where you can see wild animals living as they are at a very close distance is an experience that can never be done.

In addition, South Africa has many spectacular views that make you feel the mystery of the earth, and there are plenty of free research themes. There is no doubt that free study while adventuring will be a precious memory for parents and children!

Pay attention not only to children but also to the charm that adults can enjoy. For example, a luxury hotel with a high reputation for hospitality, an outdoor dinner where you can enjoy the mellow taste of South African wine, and a luxury spa treatment surrounded by wild African bushes. The safari lodge where you can meet animals from the veranda has no extraordinary feeling!

You can experience safari in other places in Africa, but “safari + comfortable resort stay” is unique to South Africa.

It’s fascinating, but it’s hard to imagine how many days it will take to get to South Africa. But did you know that you can actually go around in just 3 nights and 6 days? If this is the case, you can easily go on a summer vacation trip with children.

Make an animal pictorial book in Kruger National Park!

Dream free study starts before departure. First of all, let’s check the ecology of animals living in South Africa in advance with a picture book. When you go to the site, you can prepare “where to pay attention to the animals”. If parents and children work together, the excitement of the trip will increase!

When you arrive in South Africa, head to Kruger National Park, which has a vast site that can accommodate Shikoku. Thousands of wild animals, including the big five, rhinos, elephants, lions, buffalos, and leopards, live in the wilderness. The space where adults are more excited than children is the world of The Lion King!

The moment you meet, you’ll want to say “Wow!”, But don’t be surprised by the animals, let’s chew on the emotions quietly and slowly.

A leopard leaning against a big tree, a giraffe looking for acacia leaves, a flock of buffalo crossing in front of you, a lion’s voice showing off its territory … Kruger National Park where you can see many wild animals at once! If you can meet various animals, it will be easy to make a picture book. Sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell. Observe wildlife with all your senses.

Adventure with your favorite ranger!

However, I think it’s difficult for an amateur to meet wild animals. Don’t worry, the Kruger National Park will be escorted by a “ranger” who is familiar with animals and strong in survival!

There are two types of safari in Kruger National Park. There are “walking safari” where you can walk in the wilderness with your own feet and “game drive” where you move by car while searching for animals. In both cases, the ranger will always accompany you.

Rangers are amazed at the wealth of knowledge as well as the observing power to find wild animals! If you listen to the experts, it will be a more fulfilling independent study.

Game drive is a chance in the early morning and evening when animals start to move actively. With a game drive from the evening, you can take a walk in the starry sky at night after looking for animals.

“Stars” are really amazing in nature’s South Africa! The beauty of the stars scattered in the night sky of the Southern Hemisphere is indescribable. Even the Southern Cross, which you want to see once in a lifetime, can be seen beautifully in South Africa. Your ranger will point to the stars and tell you fascinating myths and legends about the Milky Way.

Let’s approach the “mystery” of the earth while going around the superb view!

After enjoying the encounter with wild animals, go on an adventure over the spectacular scenery of South Africa!

“Blyde River Canyon” is one of the three major canyons in the world, and is the largest scenic spot in the world as a canyon covered with greenery. Especially, the scenery from the Gods window called “God’s window” is impressive. Let’s experience the overwhelming power of nature that you can’t see in the photos.

South Africa is full of other scenic spots. Three Ronda Bells, with three cone-shaped rock formations, is a mysterious sight that makes you want to approach the mystery of the earth, “Why did it look like this?

“Burgslack Pothole” is a mysterious rock hole with pocopoco at the bottom of the valley. It looks like an artificial object, but this is a work of art created by nature! An unrealistic world, like the world of movies and games, is spreading in South Africa.

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