The best exercise at home! Best effective trainings for fat burning

The best exercise at home! Best effective trainings for fat burning

The best exercise at home! Best effective trainings for fat burning

I want to exercise while sweating at home! But I’m worried that the footsteps will be a nuisance to the neighborhood … For those of you, here are some recommended fat burning trainings that you can do quietly at home and get better results!

What is effective training for fat burning?

For fat burning, aerobic training that exercises while taking in oxygen is said to be good. When you do aerobic training, the decomposed fat is consumed as energy, so the more you train, the tighter your body becomes. There are also different forms of physical exercise, such as jogging, aerobics, running, swimming, and circuit training.

Effects and characteristics of aerobic exercise

Just as you need oxygen to burn things, you need oxygen to burn fat in your body. The characteristic of aerobic exercise is that it “moves the body while taking in oxygen”. By exercising continuously while taking in oxygen efficiently, fat burns as an energy source, so the ideal exercise intensity is “to the extent that it is not painful to move while talking” and the time is “20 minutes or more”. It has been.

From here, I’ll add prescribed aerobic exercise so you can quickly achieve a condition where fat is burned and stay there!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) burns fat in the whole body (must-see for busy people)

Our topical HIIT preparation may be done at home. It’s a fast exercise that takes just 12 minutes to finish, so it’s ideal for anyone who want to get in a quick workout. The unavoidable strength of sweating at the end of the day is a good workout.

Focus on your core

The effect of falling on the floor is softened and soundproofing is accomplished by exerting weight on the trunk and controlling the body. It also helps to tighten your body, so think of it as two birds with one stone and give it your all!


Whole body fat burning pilates

The 4th event stimulates the whole body evenly and makes the body easy to burn fat. Recommended exercise for those who want to create a tight body line.

While breathing

If you move and breathe in tandem, you can approach the deeper parts of your body, so you can expect to improve your constitution and promote blood circulation.


Detox Flow Yoga ☆ Build a body that burns fat easily!

It raises metabolism with a flowing movement and is effective for fat burning. It is also effective in eliminating pelvic distortion. Stretching the stiff part should wash away waste products and keep you clean.

Focus on your body

Even with slow movements, by focusing on the muscles you are using and the stretched parts, you can expand your range of motion, increase metabolism, and facilitate the flow of waste products.

Muscle training

A collection of demon muscle training that burns fat throughout the body

Muscle training that works on the abdomen and flanks that tend to sag, the trunk that is essential for a body that easily burns, and the lower body that tends to get thicker. If you keep on steadily, you should get a sharp and attractive body!

Do not pull out the power

When exercising to raise your legs and hips, keep your body up without your legs or hips on the floor. By doing so, the force applied will not be released and the load applied will increase, so it can be effectively applied to the muscles.

Fat burning dance

Mansion OK! A tough but addictive slim dance!

Recommended for those who want to have fun and lose weight in time with the music of Norinori. You can move your body as much as you want and it’s good for stress relief! Refresh your mind and body in your daily life with bright songs!

To enjoy!

There are some familiar movements in this exercise. You should be addicted to the fun while doing it with the intention of playing.


[Banitre] It’s okay to have a shaved 3 days! 7 minutes’ fat burning aerobic exercise Cardio exercise 7min

“Vanitre” is a hot topic on SNS now. This is an original exercise by Mr. Babebani, Korea’s No. 1 Pilates instructor. If you want to get a supple and beautiful body like a K-POP idol or model, you should definitely try it!

Raise your eyes

It gets tighter and tighter in the second half, but if you lose the tightness and look down, the range of motion will become smaller and the effect will decrease. If you look forward, your motivation and range of motion will increase! Let’s survive to the last with Mr. Babebani!

Shampoo dance

Stay seated! Muscle training dance to train your upper arms and back [Skinny shampoo dance diet]

Shampoo dance that works on your upper arm, back and back just moves your arm while sitting! You can rest assured even in a late-night condominium!

Stretch your back

Keep your back straight by putting a lot of effort into your abdomen so that you don’t get stooped. By focusing on the trunk, multiple muscles are stimulated at the same time, and the fat burning effect is enhanced.


Fat burning! Whole body slimming stretch [Beautiful body in 6 minutes a day! ]

By moving and loosening the muscles of the whole body evenly, it improves blood circulation and makes it easier to burn fat. If you don’t usually have the opportunity to exercise, start now. Your whole body should be refreshed!

Once you get used to it, widen the range of motion

Each movement is simple, so once you get used to it, make the movement bigger and try to stretch your muscles even 1 mm longer. The wider the range of motion, the more effective the exercise.

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