The reason why the familiar Vitamin C is effective in improving sagging

The reason why the familiar Vitamin C is effective in improving sagging

When temperature during the day increases and the humidity begins to drop, it becomes difficult for the body to catch a cold, but problems such as dry skin increase. Do you think that “physical discomfort” and “skin problems” require care and preventive measures? In fact, there are ingredients that can take care of both the “body” and the “skin” at the same time. That is “Vitamin C”. Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients for maintaining beautiful skin and boosting immunity. At the “Face Sagging Research Institute”, we will present a method for sagging care using vitamin C.

First, when we investigated whether skin conditions or problems would occur during this season, about 80% of those surveyed answered that they were “very concerned” or “concerned.” I found it

This season, when the temperature difference between morning and night is great and the humidity begins to drop, many people are prone to getting sick and having skin problems.

Then when asked if they were concerned about skin problems in the first trimester, such as one of the skin problems, “sagging face”, more than 60% responded that they were “very concerned” … ” I replied, “I’m curious.”

Now that the body and skin tend to get sick, many people seem to suffer from sagging of the face.

■ 40% of people don’t know! Its ingredients are also good for sagging care!

Vitamin C is famous for being a nutrient that makes skin beautiful. Although it is famous for its effects such as whitening, 40% of people do not know that it is also effective for sagging of the face and improving health.

The effect of vitamin C on a flabby face appears to be less well known.

In the third trimester, we analyzed how people who “know” they are effective in improving health and sagging of the face are taking vitamin C, and we found that “foods” and “supplements” are easy to use. are ranked high.

On the other hand, the “vitamin C infusion” performed in medical institutions such as clinics is overwhelmingly small and was found to be unfamiliar as a method of taking vitamin C.

Also, surprisingly, knowing the effects of people with vitamin C can lead to about 20% of the results “not ingested”.

In addition, one in two said they did not know when asked if they knew that about half of the vitamin C they ingested would leave the body.

Ingested vitamin C is distributed to cells and organs throughout the body and the excess is excreted in the urine.

Also, humans cannot make or retain vitamin C in their bodies and must always take it.

-Annoying weather, but vitamin saved me! ~

■ Reasons for physical and skin problems in cold weather conditions

The difference in temperature during the day is large and the temperature and humidity drop. This season is a season where you feel bad and have rough skin easily.

As the temperature and humidity drop, the air dries up. The virus is especially vulnerable to illness during this season, as it spreads easily in dry air.

Furthermore, when the outside temperature drops and the humidity drops below 30%, the water evaporates from the stratum corneum and dries up, causing a significant lack of water on the skin. Heating appliances that are used when cold can also dry out if you don’t come up with a way to keep the humidity above 60% when using them.

Dryness is the cause of all skin problems. When the skin dries, the barrier function becomes ineffective, the skin feels uncomfortable and causes rough skin.

■ Relationship between action and flaccidity of vitamin C

Such a decrease in the seasons of temperature and humidity causes failures and disorders in the physical condition of the skin, our salvation is that you are also well known for “vitamin C”. Vitamin C is an excellent ingredient with several positive effects such as a bleaching effect and a bone-strengthening effect.

≪Effects on the body
  1. Boost immunity

In our body, when a virus invades our body, a substance called interferon counteracts it.

Vitamin C is important for the assembly of this substance.

  1. Recovery from fatigue

Vitamin C also supports red blood cell production and prevents stagnation of blood flow.

When blood flow is blocked, fatigue and loss of concentration occurs, but it is said to have the effect of preventing deterioration of blood flow and alleviating fatigue.

≪Effects on the skin
  1. Suppresses the production of melanin

Known “smudge-proof” and “whitening” effects of vitamin C.

Not only It suppresses the production of melanin, which causes scratches, but also reduces the amount of scratches that occur and makes it colorless.

  1. Active oxygen removal (antioxidant)

The body oxidizes, cell function declines, and aging progresses.

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