Which face mask should you buy in Nigeria?

Which face mask should you buy in Nigeria?

Face mask is an essential commodity in the covid-19 era

We live in a pandemic era, and a face mask has become a major necessity for everyone around the world right now. If you want to live and mingle, you must do so with a mask. It is incredible how a simple product has become a significant part of our daily life. Understandably, as it is clearly helping us with our efforts to beat Covid-19 in all corners of the globe.

Everyone in the world right now is searching for a mask. Not many people go out nowadays without wearing one. With several options available, the big question remains what are the types of face mask in circulation, and which face mask should you buy in Nigeria?

A dual-layer face mask

According to the medical consultations, the most effective and usable product to wear for the face is the dual-layer one. Single-layer ones are not reliable for Covid 19, and if ones cough with it, their germs will go to the outer environment. So as a solution to this problem, doctors are advising heavily only to use dual-layer masks.

Since there are two layers, the germs and bacteria from one person will not transmit to another. That will be the most accurate and practical design to be away from germs, and these two layers should have to be made from a cotton layer and silk layer. One layer should be in heavyweight cotton, and to the other layer, we can use silk or lightweight cotton materials.


As a second point, you have to check the fabric of your mask. Usually, the best mask should not consist of single layer fibers, and there should be multiple fibers available within it. But how can you find this? You can’t just rip the mask, and nothing will good happen by that.

But still, there is a method. You can hold the product you own to the light, and then you will see the outlines of it. If there are only individual lines of fibers, then that is not a good mask for sure.

Usually, single lines of fiber don’t make any good filters to a mask. Most of the researches say that tight weave cotton is the best for a mask. The reason for saying that is tight weave cotton has three layers on it when checked on a microscope to make a good filter for you naturally. So there is a definite structure than a synthetic fiber.

Multiple layers

More layers are going to protect you more times. Regular consideration for a mask is to be with a dual-layer. But if there are more than two, it is making a more significant structure for sure. Multiple layer face masks protect you numerous times by blocking tiny little germ particles from the outer environment. So when buying a face mask, consider it to have more layers as it provides adequate protection for you than usual.

The gap

In the best mask, there should not be a massive gap between the edges of it. If this product has a larger gap, it will not fit in anyone’s face. This product is not meant to be loose, and it should work correctly to the front to give its protection to someone. Loose-fitting ones decrease the filtration ability of a mask so that it doesn’t provide the asking protection. So whenever you buy one, consider purchasing a product that is tightly fit onto your face.

Two strips included

Mask is a product that you have to wear with
your ears. If these are not to be in that place, it is going to fall from your
face. Some masks don’t have two strips to hang with your ears, they stick to
your neck. However, these will fall down quickly, and if a Covid-19 patient
cough in front of you, no more stories, you are going to be infected. So why
take the risks? Buying a mask with two strips is a better option.


The kind of face mask you should wear depends on the situation. So you have to buy one always considering your situation. You can wear one to decrease germs’ interactions with others or any germs in the air you breathe.

A mask is a more excellent option than being away with germs, and buying it should depend on some pits, as we described. So buy the perfect product but considering these pints in your mind, which will undoubtedly give you the protection you want.


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